Academic staff undertake to

  1. Provide clearly written course outlines, setting out what is expected of students for the complete course, that are available well in advance of the beginning of the course, to allow students adequate time to prepare;
  2. Provide lists of required and recommended reading for courses, in advance of the beginning of the course, and to establish that this material is in the University Library.
  3. Set out a clear and well designed system of assessment for the course, which defines what is expected of a student, and the relative value of different coursework, test and examination components; set clear and consistent requirements for courses, consistently enforced;
  4. Present lectures in a clear manner, explaining technical terms where appropriate;
  5. Establish a fair and consistent approach to hearing requests for concession and re-marking of assignments, and for leave of absence from lectures, and other class sessions;
  6. Adhere to an agreed and published timetable for lectures, and other teaching sessions that respects the need of students to plan their class attendance and study time;
  7. Return work submitted for assessment within a reasonable period of time, with adequate and appropriate comments and other forms of evaluation, and ahead of formal examinations, so that students can incorporate feedback in their examination preparation.
  8. Ensure consistent marking of examination papers.