AFIS (Amministrazione fiduciaria della somalia) established in 1954 the Institute of law which was satellite of the universities of Rome and Padova. In December 1969 the institute of law was transformed into the faculty of law. Under the auspices of the Italian Technical Cooperation, the SNU faculty of law reached its highest potential.

After the outbreak of the civil war in 1991 all the institutions and infrastructures were completely destroyed and the country faced a total collapse. The faculty of law was re-established again in 2014, enrolling 60 students after a pass in admission exam. Some students dropped out for different reasons. Currently the faculty has 45 students in the class.

The Somali society is characterized by long lasting civil war and remains deeply affected by poverty, internal displacement, tribalism human rights violation, weak rule of law, weak law enforcement machineries.SNU faculty of law firmly believes that the only way to overcome the challenges facing the Somali state building, to restore the rule of law, and redress the wide range of social differences, inter clan clashes, injustice and Human right violations, is to raise the public awareness on the law of the country.